From: Leigh Warren, EMILY's List
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: You *may* have heard about this >>
Date: Sun Feb 28 19:59:41 MST 2016
Emily's List


You may have heard we have a big fundraising deadline coming up.

I know, we talk about it A LOT. But it's not because we don't have anything better to talk about — it's because how much money we raise and how quickly we raise it directly affects our candidates and what they can do.

If we don't hit our goals, we can't help Tammy Duckworth fend off Mark Kirk's attacks (he's started name-calling Tammy on the radio). If we don't hit our goals, Ann Kirkpatrick could slip in the polls even though she has a real chance to beat John McCain.

If 3 people in your area step up now, it can make all the difference. Be one of them — donate $3 before midnight tomorrow.

I don't send you all these emails for my health, David. (Though if they were correlated, maybe I could live to be 106.)

The financial support of EMILY's List has made the difference for so many candidates. We were there with Tammy Baldwin to help her with a surprise surge of support at the end of her campaign for the Senate. We helped Alma Adams get through a tough primary so that she could become the 100th woman in the 113th Congress.

And we can do it again — but not without you.

Be one of the 3 people in your area who donates today:

Thanks a ton,

Leigh Warren
Chief Administrative Officer, EMILY's List