From: Gem Morris
To: Gem Morris,
Subject: Rubuttal to Eagle Forum's stance on Con-Con
Date: Sat Feb 27 19:02:45 MST 2016
I am on the email distribution list for the Eagle Forum.  I think you'll be interested what I just said to them (copy and pasted here for you):

You're wrong about this.  Unless something DRASTICALLY changes, there's nothing in America worth saving.  We are quickly becoming a 3rd World banana republic.

You're fighting to save the status quo?  Wake up and smell the coffee.

You think you're so sanctimonious and strictly heeding to exactly what the Founding Fathers wanted. Guess what?  The Founding Fathers wrote an Article 5 States Convention INTO the constitution as a second way to amend the document.

I don't know how they did it but they saw our day (well, actually, I have a good idea how they did it).

Our circumstances we're faced with today are exactly why the second way to amend the constitution was included from day one.  All the "fly-over red states" can outweigh the liberal left wing wacko's on both coasts.  Again, you could NOT be more wrong on this issue.

Why do you so strongly cling to what the Founding Fathers did and said, but ignore this part of the constitution as if they were wrong one this one issue?