From: Hal Massey
To: Allen Christensen, Brian Shiozawa, Daniel Thatcher, David Hinkins, Deidre Henderson, Evan Vickers, Gene Davis, Howard Stephenson, Jerry Stevenson, Karen Mayne, Kevin Van Tassell, Luz Escamilla, Lyle Hillyard, Margaret Dayton, Mark Madsen, Patricia Jones, Peter Knudson, Ralph Okerlund, Scott Jenkins, Steve Urquhart, Stuart Reid, Wayne Harper, Wayne Niederhauser, Angela Romero, Becky Lockhart, Brad Dee, Brad Wilson, Brad Last, Brian Greene, Brian King, Carol Moss, Craig Hall, Curtis Oda, Daniel McCay, Dana Layton, David Lifferth, Dean Sanpei, Derek Brown, Dixon Pitcher, Don Ipson, Doug Sagers, Earl Tanner, Edward Redd, Eric Hutchings, Francis Gibson, Gage Froerer, Greg Hughes, Jack Draxler, Jacob Anderegg, Janice Fisher, Jennifer Seelig, Jeremy Peterson, Jim Bird, Jim Dunnigan, Jim Nielson, Joel Briscoe, John Knotwell, John Mathis, John Westwood, Jon Stanard, Kay Christofferson, Kay Mciff, Keith Grover, Ken Ivory, Keven John Stratton, Kraig Powell, Larry Wiley, LaVar Christensen, Lee Perry, Lynn Hemingway, Marc Roberts, Marie Poulson, Mark A. Wheatley, Melvin Brown, Merrill Nelson, Mike Kennedy, Michael Noel, Michael McKell, Patrice Arent, Paul Ray, Curt Webb, Rebecca Houck, Becky Edwards, Richard Cunningham, Richard Greenwood, Roger Barrus, Ronda R. Menlove, Ryan Wilcox, Steve Handy, Steve Eliason, Stewart Barlow, Susan Duckworth, Tim Cosgrove, Lowry Snow, Val Peterson,
Subject: Unconstitutional
Date: Thu Feb 25 22:15:22 MST 2016
February 25, 2016

Honorable Utah Legislator’s,

SUBJECT: Bill to repeal Article I, Section 29 of the Constitution for Utah.

We have an excellent way for state's rights to step forward. It is surprisingly simple and will solve several pending problems. Please introduce a bill in the Senate to repeal Article I, Section 29, Utah Constitution.
As you know, change in the Utah Constitution is a legislative process supported by vote of the people. Article XXIII. Also, as you know, the Executive Branch issues marriage licenses which violate the Constitution, Section 29. This is an attempt to accommodate the U.S. Supreme Court's marriage decree which is entirely outside of federal authority relative to Utah. Utah is not a federal territory. 
A bill to repeal Art. I, Sec 29: (1) Honor the limitations of federal jurisdiction and enhance the lawful rights of Utah State. (2) Require Utah to follow the long established law required in every change in the Constitution. (3) Remove the Executive Branch from de facto repeal of Section 29. (4) Reestablish the sovereignty of Utah State. (5) Restore the right of the people to vote on constitutional changes. (6) Give full faith and credit to Article I, Section 2, Utah Constitution the inherent political power of the people. (7) Eliminate the long, tedious and unnecessary process of correcting, rewriting and fixing numerous parts of the Constitution and Code. (8) Ad infinitum. 
In the meantime, the people should know that marriage licenses in violation of Section 29 are unconstitutional.

Hal Massey, State Chairman,
Independent American Party of Utah
4270 Normandie Lane
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107