From: Autistic Tiny Homes
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: SB 38
Date: Thu Feb 25 03:32:12 MST 2016
I wanted to talk to the committee myself but since the meeting is during school and I don't want to miss school here is what I would have told you:

Spectrum Academy really helps kids with problems. My mom asked me to tell you what I like about my charter school. Our school is very small. It's nice having a small school because there aren't as many kids. I have autism so having lots of people is really horrible. 

My mom told me that my school only gets 3/4 of the money because of it being a charter. She asked me to tell you what our school is missing because we don't have enough money. Our lunch room is our gym. The elementary gym has only 1 hoop. We can't play a real basketball game on it. We don't have really good lunches. We don't have enough room for all of the classes we need. Some of the classes have to go to a nearby strip-mall. 

When I found out that my school didn't get as much money for me as Jordan High School would, I was mad. I would have quit high school if I had to go to a big school like that. Being autistic makes it very hard to have lots of people around. I get very anxious.

Please give Spectrum Academy the same money you would give to Jordan High School if I went there. It's just not fair the way it is. I am a student at Spectrum. I was supposed to be a student at Jordan. Doesn't it just make sense for the money for me to be the same no matter where I go?

Thank you.

Sarah Jones
Super Senior @ Spectrum Academy

Home: 993 Platinum Way, Sandy UT 84094-4608
Phone: 801.310.8618
Mom: Lisa Stamps, 801.891.7489