From: Tricia Albiston
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Support of Senate Bill 38
Date: Wed Feb 24 18:12:08 MST 2016

February 24, 2016


Hello Committee Member,


I am a mother of three children, all of which are or will soon be, attending the Channing Hall charter school in Draper, Utah.  We have had a very positive charter school experience, and plan to continue attending this school up through the 8th grade, and then possibly sending them onto the Summit Academy High School, also a charter.  Our reasons for favoring charter over public are:  better teacher to student ratio because of the volunteer hours required of parents, as well as the paid teacher aids that are utilized in all grade levels; children are pushed or helped according to their own individual levels rather than according to what the group is doing as a whole; the required curriculum is more advanced than the common core; and, at Channing Hall, they have been IB accredited which is a program that is an enriching supplement to the required common core.


For these reasons as well as many others, we believe the charter schools deserve just as much funding as the local school districts.  As tax payers, we feel the education funds should be balanced, as Senate Bill 38 would ensure.


Please consider approving Senate Bill 38 to improve the educational possibilities for all charter school students and bring them up to level with those of the public schools.



Thank you for your consideration,


Tricia Albiston, Bluffdale Resident