From: Heather Thorstenson
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Support of Bill 38
Date: Wed Feb 24 17:47:26 MST 2016
I am writing to ask that you support Bill 38.  We have had 3 of our children in charter schools after other avenues proved to be under par.  We appreciate the opportunity to choose which school environment is best for our childrens learning needs, and have been impressed with our Charter schools innovation, ability to think outside the box and teach our children in new and exciting ways. We believe that charter schools should be fully funded and treated as equals to district schools.  Our children are just as important and deserve to be treated as such. 
  • Senator Hillyard, school district finance officers acknowledged that charter students are funded $580 less than district students each year on average.
  • Senate Bill 38 will correct this funding imbalance, which affects Utah’s 68,000 charter public school students.
Thank you for your support!!

Heather Thorstenson
Connections Administrator
K2 The Church
801.486.2240 x116
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