From: Mary White
Subject: SB 38
Date: Wed Feb 24 17:44:41 MST 2016
Dear Utah House Education Committee,

I am writing to demonstrate my support for SB 38, sponsored by Sen. Howard Stevenson and Rep. Steve Eliason.  This bill will correct the $580 imbalance in per-student funding between district and charter school students.

I believe all Utah students deserve the same funding advantages.  Whenever school vouchers are considered, I am in favor of those for the same reasons that I favor equal funding for students.  Vouchers and charter schools provide choice in education, and that choice becomes an incentive for all educators, in traditional districts as well as charter schools, to do their best work.  

My children have attended Freedom Preparatory Academy in Provo for the past eleven years.  I appreciate the school's curriculum offerings that fit my children's needs.  Because my children are in a charter school, they free up seats in our neighborhood schools.  Those smaller class sizes a the district schools mean those teachers can reach more students as well.

Charter schools create a winning situation for all educators and children alike, and I ask that they be given equal per-student funding.  Please support SB 38.

Mary White