From: Maria Schmidt
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Re: Senate Bill 38
Date: Wed Feb 24 17:17:35 MST 2016


Dear Representative Lifferth,

    I'm writing as a parent and an educator in behalf of the many students enrolled in Utah's Charter schools to request your support of Senate Bill 38.  My grandfather, Alma Edwards, was a Representative in Utah's House of Representatives many years ago and a strong supporter of public education.  He was also a retired jr. high school principal and felt deeply for the needs of the individual student.  Charter schools in the past had a bad reputation, and while it is true that not all charter schools are equal in quality of education, the popularity of charter schools is growing and attracting so many of our state's school age children and families.  My children have attended pubic schools and I have been an educator in both public and charter schools.  I have been impressed with the high quality of education and parental support in the charter schools of which I have been involved, including Spectrum Academy and American Preparatory Academy.  I have been dismayed at low quality of facilities, low budgets for students and low pay of many of the teachers in many of the charter schools.  I see great innovation and positive change happening in the charter schools and many of my siblings and friends are moving to charter schools to meet the variety of educational needs of their children.  Education is evolving and these changes are beneficial to us all.  All children deserve to have the same amount of funding in the public school system.  Will you please support Senate Bill 38 that will give all of our school age children equal education funding?

Thank you for being so dedicated to the cause of Utah's education.  You are my hero!

Maria Schmidt

Parent/Certified Teacher and Speech Language Technician/USU Graduate Student

2524 S 100 W 

Bountiful, UT 84010