From: Sandy C
Subject: Pathetic Excuses
Date: Wed Feb 24 15:15:30 MST 2016

To Members of the Utah State Legislature who oppose expanding Medicaid:


Please don’t keep using “exploding costs” as the reason to prevent expanding Medicaid for the citizens of our state.   What you really mean to say is that providing access to health care for low wage earners is at the bottom of your priority list because these people don’t deserve to be helped.   So just say it, for once.   Be honest.    Otherwise, how in the world can you justify anything in our state’s budget that is more important than easing the pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters?   


Here are comments being expressed regarding your pathetic excuses to prevent Medicaid expansion:


“Fear of exploding costs is just the opponents' excuse. They refuse to take into account all of the costs now incurred by the health care system, employers, families, and society because so many people do not have health coverage.”


“We are already paying for care at the ER in the most inefficient manner, so [expanding Medicaid] would not cost the state anywhere near the $50 million quoted, but even at that, it would be the right thing to do. We are all paying for it in higher insurance premiums, huge numbers of write-offs by providers …so much of the current cost is hidden, and the politicians refuse to acknowledge those current costs.


“The legislature is an immoral disgrace. They claim to worry about $50 million per year, but unfortunately the politicians, who have their coverage paid for by the taxpayers, would rather drop more than half a billion (probably far more) on a prison move so their cronies can make a killing on the present prison property. The decision has been.   ‘Who cares how many poor people die when we can use that money to do something that makes our donors richer instead?’  They don't bat an eye at $14 million [for] a frivolous suit that is a sure-fire failure, just so they can squander our money to make a statement.”


Rationing and death panels, indeed.


Unless Medicaid expansion is passed, put your money where your mouth is and drop your taxpayer-funded health insurance -- buy your own damn coverage.




Sandra C. Crockett

Cottonwood Heights