From: Chris Curtis
To: Darin Lowder,
Subject: Re: Please OPPOSE HB 246!!!
Date: Tue Feb 23 23:14:26 MST 2016
I am also very opposed to this bill for the same reasons Darin explained. Please oppose this bill.

Best regards,

Chris Curtis
(801) 815-7811

On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 9:39 AM, Darin Lowder <> wrote:
To our representatives,

I have been made aware of HB 246 and am very disappointed.  We have a program in place that most of us feel is more than enough to educate our children on the various aspects of human sexuality.  This program wishes to teach more than just the facts--  it wishes to impose someone else's moral standards, teaching that we're sexual beings and should explore and experiment, contradicting what most parents in our community teaches.

I'm a little shocked that I have to even write to persuade you to oppose it, but I figure these few minutes are worth it. I hope many others will do likewise.  PLEASE help us protect our children and communities from this minority thinking and attitude.

Darin & Merritt Lowder
4633 W. Hillpark Circle
Cedar Hills, UT  84062