To: David Lifferth,
Subject: support for HB 246
Date: Tue Feb 23 17:08:30 MST 2016

Dear Rep Lifferth,

  I am a retired nurse educator who used to co-teach a Wellness course at my college.   Generally more than half of the class was from Utah. One of the lectures in this course was on Human Sexuality.  We covered preganacy prevention, STIs, decision making etc within a 3 hour lecture.  My colleague and I were always amazed (and saddened) by the misinformation reported by college students who grew up in Utah.  Some of this misinformation included:

if you only have sex one time you cannot get pregnant,

If you douche following sex, you will prevent a pregnancy, and 

If you jump up and down following sex, you will prevent a pregnancy.

  Young people need correct information to be able to make appropriate decisions because of the consequences of their actions i.e. pregnancy, and STIs.  This bill would be a great educational asset to provide Utah students will evidenced based information to help them make appropriate decisions regarding their health. 

  Please support this bill in committee today. 

Diane Forster-Burke MS, RN

8942 Wasatch Blvd

Cottonwood Heights, UT 84093