To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Vote NO the CSE Bill HB246
Date: Tue Feb 23 16:50:05 MST 2016

Dear Representative,

As a parent, I am strongly urging you to vote NO on the CSE Bill.  NO PART OF THIS BILL IS ACCEPTABLE.  The Sex Education program we currently have in place in public schools is enough.  As a parent, it is my right to opt my child in or out of any and all public school activities and/or teachings.  I am not willing to surrender that right.

Furthermore, as a person with any common sense and/or conscience at all, I can see that the images taken directly FROM THE CSE textbook (while they may be cartoons and not actual photos) are nothing short of pornography.  These are images and sex acts that I wouldn’t allow to be seen in my home.  I'm certainly not okay with them being “taught" at school.  These are the kind of things I work so hard as a parent to keep my child safe from. 

As a parent, it is MY decision how, what, and when, and where I teach my child about sex and what is “age appropriate” for them.   Not the government's.  Not the school’s.  Not my church’s.  Not my neighbor’s.  It’s mine and my husband’s.

Please vote NO on HB246 TODAY AND EVERYDAY, if necessary, and put this evil beast down once and for all 😊.  Seriously though,….CSE is vile, disgusting, and nothing more than a veiled way to sexualize children.

Tamara Wheeler
Hurricane, UT