From: Kim Childs
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Vote NO!!! HB 223 (Local Historic Districts) This bill is corrupt
Date: Mon Feb 22 23:31:32 MST 2016
Dear Representative Lifferth,  
Re: HB 223 (Local Historic Districts) VOTE NO!!!  What is REALLY behind this bill:                       
This bill is NOT about historic preservation.  It is about corrupt political influence.  Jeff Robbins, head of Utah Sports Authority, is a resident of the Yalecrest neighborhood in Salt Lake City.  He is opposed to Local Historic Districts (LHDs) essentially because he doesn’t like restrictions.  In five years, has he EVER attended any public hearings, attended public education and information meetings, or participated in any of the political processes that the rest of we Yalecrest residents have as our ONLY means for influence?  NO, OF COURSE NOT.  He doesn’t have to play by the rules the rest of us play by.  He rubs shoulders with Sen. Wayne Niederhauser and thereby holds the trump card to have a STATEWIDE law created to override Salt Lake City’s already reasonable local LHD designation process.
As a publicly elected law-maker, you know this is wrong.  You’ve probably heard some of the lies they spew, such as LHDs prevent property owners from choosing what color to paint their houses.  They tell lies because the actual restrictions set forth in LHDs are not unreasonable.  It is only the lies that make their story seem convincing.  It doesn’t matter if education resources are made available to them.  They can’t be bothered with any of that because they already “know” how it all works.
What could possibly be a reasonable rationale for requiring a 66 percent property owner LHD designation approval rate?  What other civic ballot EVER requires more than a simple majority, or more than 50%?  You know darn well that the only rationale is to make it impossible for any preservation of this type to be enacted.  And, the houses in Yalecrest will continue coming down unchecked (thirty plus now, and counting) all for the greed and selfishness of the individual owners and property developers who care NOTHING about the neighborhood as a whole or about their neighbors left to suffer in their wake of destruction.  If for no other reason, you must vote NO because the 66 percent rule is unconscionable. 
Jeff Robbins lives on Laird Avenue, in one of the two currently proposed LHD areas in Yalecrest.  The other currently proposed application is for the most well-known and distinctive two-block section of Harvard Avenue between 1300 and 1500 East.  Its property owners are more than 50 percent support in favor of preservation, but the city is holding off sending out the ballots because of this pending bill.  All of the work done to save this street will be for nothing if you pass this bill because of the clause prohibiting LHD designation for any applications in process, but not finalized before January 1, 2016. 
If HB 223 passes, not only will Jeff Robbins (who has ZERO business meddling with the future of Harvard Avenue anyway,) but also a minority 34 percent of its property owners will be able to control and ultimately destroy the 1920s distinctive architectural integrity of one of Salt Lake City’s most unique beloved streets.  If the majority of property owners WANT preservation protection, how can you EVER justify voting for a bill that will ensure that the minority that doesn’t want protection gets the final say?
Historic preservation should not be a political issue.  Do the right thing and vote NO on this bill.  If I see that the results of voting for this bill in the House run in favor generally right down the Republican party line, my confidence in Utah’s State Legislature and its law-making process will be forever destroyed beyond repair, or at least until we citizens who are tired of a one-party system that does NOT vote the true will of the people are pushed to desperate measures.
Kim Childs
1655 E 900 South
Salt Lake City, UT  84105