From: Christin Maher
To: David Lifferth, Eric Hutchings, Marie Poulson,
Subject: Support for SB 38 - School Funding Amendments
Date: Mon Feb 22 20:42:00 MST 2016
I am writing to express my support for SB 38. My children attend a charter school and it has made a huge difference in their education. Some of the things I appreciate about charter schools are uniform policies, leveled learning and the ability the administration has to reward better teachers and get rid of poor teachers without jumping through the hoops of months or years of "corrective training" and unions before those lower tier teachers can be let go of. Because of this "freedom" I feel like all of the teachers at the charter schools I've been involved with work harder to be their best everyday and continue to improve. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about many of the teachers I have previously worked with in our school district who seem to have become far too comfortable and complacent.
My children would normally be assigned to the Tooele County School District, which is largely over populated! With the addition of two elementary charter schools in the Tooele valley, the school district has benefited greatly by having their class sizes reduced. There is currently only one charter Jr. High in the valley so about half of these students who attend a charter elementary are not able to continue in the charter school program once they reach 7th grade. I believe the equalization of funding for the charter schools will encourage the future growth of possibly an additional charter Jr. High and hopefully more elementary schools in the near future as the current charter schools have huge waiting lists. 

I believe charter schools benefit EVERYONE  and I would like to see them funded equally!

Thank you for your work,

Christin Maher
Tooele County, Ut