To: Lowry Snow, Brad Last, Francis Gibson, Justin Fawson, Steve Eliason, Bruce Cutler, Kim Coleman, LaVar Christensen, Marie Poulson, mnoel, Carol Moss, Daniel McCay, David Lifferth, Eric Hutchings,
Subject: SB43S1 - Please oppose
Date: Sat Feb 20 16:46:33 MST 2016
Dear Members of the House Education Committee,

I am a gun owner and avid supporter or gun rights. However, I am asking you to oppose SB43S1.

The bill would appropriate $75,000 to pay for the creation of a pilot program for “firearm safety and violence prevention instruction in public schools.” This seems unnecessary and a waste of resources as NRA’s Eddie Eagle Program already works well for teaching gun safety to school children, and doesn’t cost anything. Even if a good pilot program gets developed, this bill does not require that it actually be used in any schools. Thus, the potential exists that the $75,000 will get spent with no tangible results.


Greg Mortensen
Bountiful, UT