From: Rosanna Kerr
Subject: Vote NO on HB 0246!!!
Date: Sat Feb 20 03:33:04 MST 2016
Dear House Education Committee,

Please vote no on HB 0246! I am a very concerned parent and I am appalled at the new National Sexuality Education Standards. It is wrong to promote and teach a prescribed, "new" morality (which is the old-fashioned immorality).  It is wrong to teach little ones, nice years old, heterosexuality and homosexuality, in a school setting. Those should be taught in the home. It is wrong to teach that there is no such thing as perversion, nor anything wrong with sex obsession, or gender reversals.  It is wrong to include so many teachings about deviant and degrading sexual behaviors as if they were normal and good, while excluding fidelity and chastity from the conversation. We do not need Common Core Sex Ed.

Thank you,
Rosanna Kerr