From: Temperance Penrod
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: SB80
Date: Fri Feb 19 14:33:41 MST 2016



I am contacting you to ask that SB80 not be approved by you. I am an avid hunter, bird watcher, and conservationist. Allowing this pipeline to continue will destroy a large portion of the wetland habitat that our local waterfowl population thrives in. This will upset a great amount of the little wildlife we have in that area of the state. Please Do not allow this to happen to our great state!! Don’t take away something that brings so much beauty and life to the area of the Great Salt Lake. I have worked hard helping to ensure those marshlands are well maintained so that the local bird and animal populations that live in them are able to thrive. This in turn allows me to provide for my family a healthy and good tasting meal.


Please, Do not allow this amazing wetland be dried up so someone can make a buck building houses somewhere.


Thank you,

Temperance Penrod | Technical Support Specialist, SCE | StorageCraft Technology Corporation
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