From: Kristin Eberting
To: Kristin Eberting, Paul Eberting,
Subject: Please Vote No on HB164
Date: Tue Feb 16 06:25:21 MST 2016
Dear Representative,

Please vote no on HB164. These are my concerns.

A. State law says that parents have the primary role and the state is secondary and supportive in properly caring children.  Parents need maximum latitude in rearing their children. This country was founded on the principle that rights do not come from the state, and that governments exist to protect rights. 

B. It allows end-of-year state tests to be used for individual student grades or grade promotion with no proof that the tests are valid. What about those who are poor test takers? What about those who have undiagnosed dyslexia who can't even read the test? And if the test is read to them, they can't process the information fast enough to get a high score?

C. There is not demonstrable protection for student privacy and any sort of understanding as to how student data may or may not be used, as per the contract with the testing vendor, American Institutes for Research (AIR). This has been a problem with SAGE from the beginning and we still have not resolved this issue even though it's been three years. This should be cause for concern!!!

Thank you for taking the time to listen to parents of students who wish to remain OPTED out of SAGE testing.

Kristin Eberting
Alpine, UT
Legislative District 27