From: jennmikefamily
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: NO on HB164, please!
Date: Tue Feb 16 00:51:26 MST 2016
Dear Utah Representative:

I am writing to let you know that I feel it is imperative that Utah parents KEEP the legal right and protection to OPT-OUT their children from any and all state driven or mandated tests.

Utah state representatives need to protect constitutional principles of self-government! This bill does the takes away a parent's natural rights to do what they feel and know is best for each of their children.

Without this protection, I would need to remove my children from public schools and go back to home schooling them.

A state or federal government that mandates public school testing without the protection to opt-out is politically corrupt!

I am morally opposed to the amount of testing in schools, the time it takes, and exorbitant expense involved; especially for elementary schools and students. On top of that, I have grave concerns about privacy issues for my children.  As a parent, I have my children’s best interests at heart now and for their future. The state should do all in its power to protect and preserve a parent’s rights and not force testing upon families.  Furthermore, students should not be penalized for not taking tests or incentivized for taking tests. My children have felt bullied by school staff in the past when I opted them out. They should never be placed in this situation! If these tests are so great and grand they should be able to stand on their own merits. Students, teacher, and schools should NEVER be forced or coerced in to taking them.

Thank you,
Jennifer & Michael Ford

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