From: Brittany Dimick
Subject: SP38
Date: Thu Feb 11 15:56:51 MST 2016

Dear Legislator,

                  Please vote No for SB38.   Our public school system is dead last in spending and this bill will take 40 million dollars away from public schools.  I understand why charter schools seem so attractive.   They can do many things public schools can’t because they aren’t restrained by the same laws.   For instance, charter schools can take that public money and give it to a private charter school management company which would make public funds become private funds.   Since there is no oversight or transparency required of charter schools that money would disappear very quickly.

                  Charter schools also have the luxury of choosing which people they accept.  Often, charter schools will accept anyone that wants to come until the middle of October because that per pupil spending is calculated.  Then they will quickly weed out anyone that they don’t want to make their class sizes smaller and more manageable. The public schools get an all those students without the money associated with them.

                  The data doesn’t show charter schools in a positive light.  Despite having fewer students, less minorities and special education students they consistently under perform their neighboring public schools.   There are very few exceptions to this rule.

                  Here is two article links you might want to read.


                  When the state might be sued for perpetually underfunding public education, please have enough sense to not take more money away from public education.   


Thank you,

Brittany Dimick