From: Rebecca Hall
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: SB38-VOTE NO!
Date: Thu Feb 11 04:14:14 MST 2016

Dear Legislator,

Thank you for your service to our State.   Let me begin by saying I am a proponent of all education.   I am a parent with 4 children, all of whom are in different schools.   I am a PTA President and am on 3 different Community Councils in 3 different schools.   I have always concerned myself not only with the education of my children, but the education of ALL children.  

I am writing to you to request that you VOTE NO for SB38.   Our traditional public schools have programs in place that will be devastated by diverting 40 million dollars of its funding to charter schools.   The arguments behind this bill are based on one formula used to determine equitable funding while it ignores other formulas that show district schools are actually receiving LESS than charter schools per student.   This bill is not seeking for “equality in funding” but is seeking for more funding in Charter schools at the expense of traditional schools.  
I respectfully request that you VOTE NO for SB38.

Thank you,

Rebecca Hall