From: Justin Allen
To: Justin Allen,
Subject: Please Support the Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition RFA in Public Ed Appropriations
Date: Wed Feb 10 16:14:59 MST 2016
Good morning,

I wanted to ask for your support for the Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition RFA in the Public Education Appropriations process. As you consider the various proposals, we hope you will see the value in giving this proposal a high priority on your rankings. The request is for $250k one-time to almost double the number of schools they can reach for next year.

As you may remember from the handout that the Jazz Bear passed out the in Public Ed Appropriations Meeting yesterday, the UABC has raised enormous funds (nearly $500k) in the private sector for these very successful anti-bullying programs. They hope to use those private funds to leverage additional state resources to double the number of Utah schools, and more importantly the number of students, that can benefit from their grassroots, student-based anti-bullying program. The UABC assisted almost 200 schools with programs last year and have a waiting list over 400 schools who would like to use the program. The UABC works very closely with school districts and other anti-bullying and suicide prevention resources.

I have attached a handout with additional information about the UABC. Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you and we would appreciate your support.