From: kathleen riebe
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: NO on SB34
Date: Wed Feb 10 15:54:40 MST 2016
No on SB34

​Please vote NO on SB38.  Our neighborhood schools are out  performing the local charter schools.  As a school teacher  I have experienced the students who do not "meet the standards" of the charter schools and get sent back to the neighborhood school woefully behind their peers.  Charter schools when compared with neighborhood schools on the USOE website have many alarming characteristics. 
Over 95% of the charter schools have less Spec. ED., less high mobility, less English language learners and less economically disadvantaged. Charter schools cap their class size and yet with all these advantages charter schools DO NOT have schools grades as high as their local neighborhood schools.

PLEASE stop draining the neighborhood schools.  Please serve all of our constituents equally, especially those parents and students who need it the most.

Allianza the charter schools that failed, closed with a deficit that will need to be repayed by the public.  

Kathleen  Riebe