From: Friend Mouse
Subject: Fwd: In support of Daylight Savings Time and strongly AGAINST HB65
Date: Mon Feb 08 19:28:34 MST 2016
Dear Representatives - Although you are not my representatives, I still wish to express to you my strong conviction that the once-again reintroduced plan to do away with Utah's daylight savings time is a bad plan. That Utahns find changing their clocks one hour every six months "inconvenient" should not be a factor.  It would be far more inconvenient (and worse) to lose the outdoor recreation and tourism dollars that such a change would incur - such as the stated $24 million loss per the Golf Association for Utah, not to mention the untold tourism money that comes into Utah's communities from the five national parks, all of whom get most of their visitors in the summer. 

An hour less of evening light in the summertime would also greatly impact local health and recreation.  Currently, children's and youth sports teams battle it out for time on Utah's playing fields; having an hour less light in the evenings would mean even less availability.  Folks are more likely to recreate in the afternoons and evenings with their families, as opposed to getting up and out of the house early in the mornings.  This state is already battling childhood obesity - do we really want to make it even more difficult for our children to play sports and be active outdoors?

In the grand scheme of things, and in the face of potential dollars lost and pounds gained, changing the clocks is not inconvenient at all.  Please leave Utah's daylight savings time alone.

Thank you. - A. Bailey, Sandy, Utah