From: Harlan Cooper
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Please Respond
Date: Thu Jan 28 00:19:27 MST 2016
Dear Representative,
    First off... I would like to express my gratitude for your service and commitment to the citizens of Utah. Such actions merit honor in my eyes and you'll be known throughout modern history as defenders of the people. Someday I hope to give back to my people, my state and my country the same service that you contribute. Unfortunately I am  "privileged white male" and with having grown up in a broken family that means I don't qualify for assistance from anywhere. It's very difficult furthering my education in political sciences but I'll someday be there and I hope to meet you once I break into politics! It is people like you that inspire me everyday to be the best I can be and to use my head in situations so for that I thank you!
    It is my understanding that there will be a set of bills that will be brought before the Utah State Legislature that would advocate the use of medical marijuana within the state of Utah and I would just like to express my thoughts and concerns on the topic. Understand that I am speaking for the best interests of the people and am for the progression of humanity.
    We all know that the drug war has been one of the greatest disasters of our time. In this state and even in this country drug abuse has been looked at more as a crime and not as a serious health concern. The use of these substances must be treated in a matter of concern for the health of our own people and not as criminal action. The worst part of these laws is that we're not looking at the benefits these substances have in store for the people. Our nation must be progressive and it's time to rethink the ethics and morality of our social system for right now there our hundreds maybe thousands that are in need of our help, that live in constant pain waiting for action to be taken. We MUST further the research of medicinal marijuana in the pursuit to treat and heal our own people. It's time to stop the oppression from an imperialistic government and leave it to the people to choose how they want to be treated. It is a serious crime against humanity to keep such resources and information from the public. Humanity must progress... I look forward to an age of curing diseases and a united republic that does whats right for its own people and not the bank accounts of Big Pharma or of corrupted politicians.
    Separation between church and state... Lets be real with each other for a brief moment. Utah is a predominately LDS state, which is not a problem. The problem however occurs when the morals and ethics of the church are implemented in our politics. Probably the greatest example I can give on the matter is the banned gambling within the state. Correct me if i'm wrong but shouldn't that be our American birthright to have the liberty to choose what we are to do with our money and how we can spend that? Not in Utah because we all know that the church rules our politics. That's not right... I am of the LDS faith but I do now support such tyranny. 
    Whatever your religious identity or where you stand on these topics hopefully we are in an agreement that there must be change and it's time to move into the new age of medical progression. I will be doing what I can such as petitioning, sitting in and participating in discussions and addressing the pros/cons to whomever may lend an ear. 
-Harlan A. Cooper
Cell: (801)309-8185