From: Donald Mckiegan
To: David Lifferth, dlivingston, dmccarthy, Daniel McCay,
Subject: Fwd: Since when do colleges and Universities videotape students therapy sessions.
Date: Wed Oct 07 01:05:12 MDT 2015

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From: Donald Mckiegan <>
Date: Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 6:02 PM
Subject: Since when do colleges and Universities videotape students therapy sessions.
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To all;
I believe, that the question needs to be asked as UNR does so, since when do colleges and Universities videotape students therapy sessions. As I believe and without a doubt that UNR and the Nevada State Department of Education is being run by sexual deviants and criminals and scam artists, and as I believe they have basically turned the campus into a den of iniquity for them and their comrades, I believe the question needs to be and has to be asked since when does a college or a University videotape a students therapy session. I believe without a doubt that no matter for what reason they claim they are doing so, I believe it is an incredible violation of a student's privacy when they are at their most vulnerable and I have no doubt that and I ask to whom are all these videotapes actually being shown to.
I believe and I am sure that UNR and the Nevada Department of Education a and mostly those like Dan Klaitch, Mary Zabel, Kevin Karman and Deborah Achtenberg and their flunkees seek to manipulate and dominate the academic atmosphere and reality at UNR with fraudulence, deception and propaganda as they beat down and harass legitimate students like myself who has earned about 140 credits with like a 3.5 GPA from classes completed at colleges all over this country in different modes of instruction and different disciplines, while they significantly promote the marginal abilities of their comrades or those who are willing to do their bidding.
And the total ridiculousness is that if a student doesn't acquiesce to their subjugation like I wouldn't I was chased off the campus, denied state and federal services I'm entitled to by law and then they get the state employed fraud of a psychiatrist and social worker to make up all sorts of fraudulent and propagandized and unchallenged nonsense about my mental condition, which I believe at least 17 different psychiatrists all over the west coast would not only dispute but would actually laugh at and say their ridiculous.
Therefore, I believe, without a doubt, that UNR, the Nevada Department of Education, Northern Nevada Mental Health, the city of Reno, Washoe County and the office known as The Office for Protection with People with Disabilities in Reno and Nevada, all under the auspices of the most criminal Governor in America, Brian Sandoval, who I believe is presiding over a criminal enterprise that is encompassing the whole Western Region of the United States and under the auspices of the former Attorney General of Nevada who now works for the Nevada Department of Education are all under criminal siege; and if students, campus employees, professors and others don't acquiesce to their dominance they are either chased off the campus with unchallenged propaganda d9ominating what is said on the campus and they are defamed to the maximum and when I, which it was done to, tried to get into the Federal Courts in Reno, I was denied access by at least one fraudulent and probably criminal court clerk.
Therefore, I believe, that all of the aforementioned individuals including possibly some who work in the UNR counseling office and the title 9 investigator and the fraudulent state employed psychiatrist and social worker at Northern Nevada Mental Health, and the supervisors or the agency known as the Advocates for the Protection for those with disabilities should all be arrested and prosecuted for what is known as concerted criminal harassment.  I believe, when there's mens rea and criminal intent to harm a person, no matter where it happens: in a psychological office, a psychiatrists office, a college classroom or campus or a street corner, it's a crime in the United States of America and I believe without a doubt that they all should be prosecuted, because who knows what this group of human garbage have gotten away with in the past.
I believe,
"It really is time for a change in America"
Donald B. Mckiegan
"America United, America First."