To: Brian Shiozawa,
Subject: Medicaid Expansion
Date: Wed Oct 07 00:44:48 MDT 2015
Senator Shiozawa, How is meeting in secret, without any Democrat elected officials invited or involved, anything but a slap in the face to the people you represent in Utah? I am appalled by this frequent, blatant show of partisan politics. Every time Utah Republican Congress members do this, it is clearly an abuse of power. Yet your party is never held accountable. We, the people who live in this state, deserve fair and equal representation and participation in our state's political process. The Utah legislature has continued to follow in lock step with the U.S. Congress during the leadership of President Obama. No one, not a single one of us, believes the disingenuous "reasons" your group gives for continuing to delay providing health care to our poorest citizens. How many people in this state need to get sick or die before all of you decide to do the right thing and pass the Medicaid Expansion bill in its first writing from the federal government? Do all of you keep delaying in order to save face? Too late! Your partisan group of self-selected political officials have come up with so many different, less workable and more costly plans that will never be approved by the White House. You would be a laughing stock if the stakes weren't so high; the health, wellness and the very lives of the people of Utah. I am so angry, along with so many others, that our Republican elected officials do not give credence or merit to the hundreds of thousands of voices asking, begging you to accept Medicaid Expansion for the State of Utah. We, the constituents and voters in this state will do our very best to vote you all out of office in the next election if you do not accept Medicaid Expansion for Utah. The Utah Republican Party's lack of fair and constructive leadership is what is wrong with this state. We are so tired of the political rhetoric and ask you, once again, to do the right thing for all of the people in this state who you pledged, under oath, to serve. Respectfully, Nancy J. Valdez Senate District 2 House District 45 Sent from my iPhone