From: RyLee Curtis
To: RyLee Curtis,
Subject: UHPP Supports Closing the Medicaid Coverage Gap
Date: Fri Sep 25 21:26:47 MDT 2015

As you consider options for closing Utah’s Medicaid coverage gap, Utah Health Policy Project (UHPP) wanted to reiterate our support for the Healthy Utah plan.


These are just a few reasons why our organization hopes you’ll consider voting yes to closing the coverage gap:

·         There are 53,000 Utahns who currently live in the coverage gap, these are Utahns who  earn too little to get help on, yet earn too much or don’t otherwise qualify for Medicaid;

·         Two-thirds of Utahns in the gap are already working one or more jobs, they are the backbone of Utah’s economy;

·         75,000 Utahns are in need of but not receiving mental health treatment through our public system; and

·         120,000 Utahns are in need of but not receiving substance use disorder treatment through our public system.


Please see our attached letter of support for closing Utah’s coverage gap.



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Senior Health Policy Analyst

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