From: Paul Sellers
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Prison vote
Date: Thu Aug 20 15:55:11 MDT 2015

Mr. Lifferth,


I see you voted to stab all Utah Tax Payers in the back and twist the knife.

You and the other 61 liars should be so ashamed of yourselves , you were elected to represent the people not you pocket book.

Enjoy you last term in office and all the grease in the palm of you hand.

The prison did not need to move and there has not been one legitimate reason to move it.

Did you not hear the cries of “We The People”?

Absolutely disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!


Divide one billion dollars (the actual amount to move and rebuild) by the 800,000 actual tax payers in the state and see what this stupidity will cost each one of us and our unborn children for the next 50 years!

Do the math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please take me off your mailing list.


Paul Sellers

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