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Subject: Keep Prison in Draper
Date: Thu Jun 18 21:37:46 MDT 2015

We know that prison reform is critical in our state to rehabilitating criminals and giving them a better chance at life once they're released from prison. We also know that lowering recidivism rates is well worth its cost, and that the prison, as is, is not conducive to making these changes in prison reform. We honestly do believe that a new prison needs to be built in order to better help our prisoners.

We DON'T, however, agree that those changes can only be made by moving the prison to a new location outside of Draper!

We believe that the Draper location is the best location for the prison based on cost, proximity to courts, hospitals, employees, families, volunteers, existing infrastructure, utilities, and natural resources. We believe that our prisoners would best be served in a new prison built at the Draper site.

Add my name to the list of those opposed to moving the prison.

Andrea DuClos

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