From: Dennis Jensen
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Prison move
Date: Thu Jun 04 19:25:21 MDT 2015

Dear Rep Lifferth:

I wish to present the following arguments against relocating the state prison:

  1. None of the alternative locations want it. That is very clear from the following information condensed from a Deseret News front page article dated June 4, 2015.:

  2. Draper Mayor apparently does not want the prison to stay. He states: “Other cities can say they don't want it. Well, guess what? We've had it for 60 years.”

  3. Rep Jake Anderegg of Lehi stated: “The political will is to move it to Salt Lake City.” “Silicon Slopes is in my area. I needed to know if this was an issue I needed to attack with everything I can possibly bring to bear, or if this was something that was going to be resolved through the process.” “Right now, I believe we have 58 votes from the House and 21 votes from the Senate to move it to Salt Lake City, if the vote were held right away.”

  4. Salt Lake Mayor Ralph Becker said “I hope this is not a reflection of how the state is going to make a decision.” and that “The Salt Lake City site, by our estimation, is a terrible site. It is extremely expensive. It harms the state's and our city's economic development opportunities.”

  5. Rep Brad Wilson said “We wanted to see it all compiled side by side.” My feeling is that I hope the side by side comparison will include that of leaving the prison in Draper and re-building it there. Or is that not even being considered.

  6. Governor Herbert said he still expects lawmakers to consider all the possible sites for a new prison. “I think we will do what is best for all of Utah and find a location if necessary.” I've said all along, if there's a better location than Draper, let's find it. If there's not, let's keep it there.”

  7. “Some lawmakers are pushing for a reconsideration of the decision to move the prison, including Rep Merrill Nelson of Grantsville, who is also having legislative staff review the $1.8 billion economic benefit reported in a commission study.”

  8. From Wade Hadlock of Stansbury Park's “My View” article in the Deseret News on May 25, 2015:

    1. “The PRC is overlooking the fact that the economic activity that could occur on the Draper site will develop elsewhere if the state does not move the prison.”

    2. “The study does not estimate what the projected tax revenues will be for the state and other local governments if the prison does not move.”

    3. “The west side communities that would receive the growth need the tax base more than Draper does.”

    4. “It doesn't seem right to use tax dollars from citizens across the state to help one city with a solid tax base get more development than growing cities with a weaker tax base. Moving the prison benefits Draper, but not the state as a whole.”

Following are my additional comments:

  1. Prison employees now live where it is a reasonable commute to the prison. Moving it will require them to relocate.

  2. All of the taxpayers in the state of Utah will be paying for whichever option is chosen. Therefore every option needs to be analyzed and compared in a fair and unbiased manner; INCLUDING THE OPTION OF LEAVING IT IN DRAPER.

  3. There is a great and urgent need to rehabilitate persons in prison (or instead of sending them to prison). This should be a major consideration in the analysis and comparison.

Thank you for your consideration of this information. Sincerely,

Dennis B. Jensen, Heber City