From: Ann Hatch
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Support SB97S03, Fund Education
Date: Mon Apr 06 21:44:04 MDT 2015

Dear Utah State Representative – District 002 Lifferth,

Utah is widely recognized as a well-managed state with a strong economy. At current levels of investment, measures of our state’s educational achievement show that we have fallen to the middle of the pack. This trend is perilous to our economic future.

Utahns want the legislature to invest in education while maintaining Utah’s attractive tax climate. We need to keep pace with enrollment growth and we need to improve educational outcomes. SB97SB03 makes changes related to school property taxes and funding. By doing so, SB97S03 will bring in $75 million in additional funding to education.  The average cost to a family is about $48 and to a business is $348  annually. We can no longer delay funding education. We must outline comprehensive investments  to ensure the needs of schools and students are met.

I have been an educator for 34 years. Please, please, please fund education and support Gov. Herberts 6.5 WPU. We have suffered through times when the state was going through the recession and now that there is money please restore our funds.

Please make education funding a priority so that we can prepare our young people to be among the most educated workforce in the nation. Please invest in Utah’s future prosperity by supporting SB97S03.

Sincerely, Ann Hatch 1760 N High Country Dr Orem, UT 84097