From: Envision Utah
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Take the Survey at
Date: Mon Apr 06 21:12:15 MDT 2015
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Your Utah Your Future Survey is Live

The Your Utah, Your Future survey is now live! We will announce the survey publicly tomorrow, but we want to invite you to visit and take the survey today.

Utah needs your support and your voice in this important conversation about the future. We’re seeking to gather 50,000 voices to establish a vision for how to keep Utah a great place to live as our population prepares to double by 2050. Governor Herbert initiated this effort and has asked Utahns throughout the state to take the survey and share it with their family and friends.

In the survey, your opinions will be asked on a variety of topics including air quality, water resources, education, transportation, and agriculture, among others. You can select your favorites in each topic and then vote on what you want Utah to be like in 2050.

Click the Image to Take the Survey