From: Marilyn Bown
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Please vote NO on SB195 (Millner)
Date: Thu Mar 12 17:21:42 MDT 2015

Dear Representative,

SB195 Amendments to State Board of Education  was also the text of the third substitute HB186 State School Board Election and Election (Gibson) that was not considered in the House today after the Senate's change last night.

This bill provides for partisan election of the members of the State Board of Education and provides for appointment of the members of the State Board of Education if the  voters pass a constitutional amendment permitting appointment. 
  1. Non-partisan races for school boards best serve the public interest because candidates can serve without being beholden to any political party or ideology.  School board members must be receptive to all citizens and make decisions in the best interests of our schoolchildren.  Otherwise, party leaders and delegates will have too much influence over board members. School board members should be citizens focused solely on the complexities of public education.
  2. Partisan elections could increase fundraising activity substantially as political parties vied for control of the school board.  In a state without campaign contribution limits, it seems unwise to increase the role of large campaign contributors in determining the results of yet another election – especially election of school board members who administer such a large proportion of state revenues.
As a concerned taxpayer, I ask you to please vote NO on SB 195  today.
Marilyn  Bown
7731 Buckboard Drive
Park City, UT    84098