From: Liz Romney
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: public education
Date: Mon Mar 09 23:30:08 MDT 2015

Please listen to the silent majority who often fail to let their legislators know what they think, because, for the most part, government works for them. I am one of them. I happily sent my children to public schools, volunteered in their classrooms, and attended their graduations. My grandchildren are now in public schools. I have been a student of education policy since my days at the University of Utah where I graduated Magna Cum Laude in English with a minor in Spanish and a teaching certificate. I didn’t teach after graduation because I could make more money at my part-time accounting job than I could teaching school. Thirty-five years later, I recertified and returned to the classroom because I could now afford to, and I believe nothing is more important than education. For the vast majority of Americans and citizens of Utah, education means public schools. I am working hard and sacrificing to make public education a great institution. Won’t you please put the same tax effort into public schools as we used to before the recession? There is no better investment in Utah’s economy or in Utah’s future.

Elizabeth Romney

English Teacher