From: Nick Stephens
To: Keith Grover,
Subject: Please vote YES on H.B. 322
Date: Fri Mar 06 15:46:17 MST 2015

Please vote YES on H.B. 322 "Religious Liberty and Nondiscrimination Protections".

SB-296 is a good compromise and starting point, but it does NOT protect INDIVIDUALS in their "free expression and exercise of religion and rights of conscience".

I do NOT support discrimination.  However, I am concerned how people in our country have had their religious rights denied (which is a form of reverse discrimination).  All people should have protection for their religious rights. Let them worship how, where or what they choose.

I read over H.B. 322 and I believe that this will be a necessary law to protect individuals in their rights of religion and conscience.

Thank you,
Nick Stephens