From: Nicole Handy
Subject: Please Support HB 104 Cow Sharing
Date: Thu Mar 05 22:14:49 MST 2015
Dear Representative,

I want to ask you to support HB 104 about Cow Sharing.  It should be voted on tonight or Friday morning.  I am very supportive of the bill.

We are up against a big fight.  Big organizations are fighting this bill (Dairy Association, Utah Agriculture, etc) but, luckily, you represent us the citizens. 

The people who support this bill  DO NOT want to sell raw milk, they just want to have access to it through the most direct means possible.  This is part of a bigger trend that is becoming increasingly popular--"Farm to Fork."   It is simply asking that we be able to own a cow with our neighbor, have someone milk it for us, and share the milk.  I believe it is a property rights' issue and not something that should be controlled by the government.  

We are the only state that allows the retail sale of raw milk, but has made cow-shares illegal.

Please vote yes! 

Nicole Handy
3068 South Metropolitan Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109