From: State Auditor
Subject: Office of Education Minimum School Program
Date: Wed Mar 04 19:36:31 MST 2015

The Office of the Utah State Auditor recently issued the following report concerning the Office of Education:


·         Report No. 14-39, Report on Audit Procedures Related to Statutory Distributions for Fiscal Year 2014 and Projections for Fiscal Year 2016 with Related Findings. 


We are sending you this notice because you are a member of a legislative committee overseeing the Office of Education.  We hope you will find this report of our audit work helpful.  We did not note any issues during our audit that we feel require legislative action.   The report may be viewed on our website at the following link:,Officeof.pdf


We will be happy to meet with you and your fellow committee members to discuss any item contained in the reports.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jon Johnson, Audit Director, at 801-538-1359.