From: Andrew Mount
To: Andrew Mount,
Subject: Vote NO on Rep. Noel's proposed amendment to HB 407
Date: Wed Mar 04 16:53:12 MST 2015
Dear Utah State Representatives,

I am writing you today to urge you to vote NO on Rep. Noel's HB 407 amendment (aka the "Billboards-Get-Access-To-Utah's Scenic-Byways" amendment. 

As I am certain you are all well aware, tourism is hugely important to Utah's economy, and that tourism is rooted in Utah's unparalleled scenery, which would be significantly impacted by billboards along scenic byways. Rest assured, tourists will continue to spend their dollars in remote areas of Utah where scenic byways are located, and businesses both small and large will get by just fine. I can testify to this from personal experience and after parting ways with thousands of my own dollars in remote, beautiful Utah. I would be far less inclined to travel and spend money in an environment filled with billboards, and would encourage others to do the same.

Please vote down the proposed amendment to HB 407. Your constituents, the people who voted you into office and count on you to represent them, will thank you.

Andrew Mount
Flagstaff, AZ and SLC, UT