From: Dennis Jensen
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Prison relocation
Date: Tue Mar 03 22:23:15 MST 2015

Dear Representative:

I have very serious concerns about moving the prison. It seems that a lot of taxpayer money is being spent studying where to move it. What is wrong with leaving it in Draper? I haven't heard any logical reasons for doing so. It appears that the main reason some people want to move it is to provide a big money making opportunity for real estate developers to develop the land it sits on. To me that is a very poor argument. It seems like a selfish argument. But developers seem to have a lot of influence with politicians. Following are some reasons why I object to the relocation:

  1. None of the other communities where it is proposed to be moved to want it.

  2. There is a need for services provided by the community where it is located, such as medical services, counseling, church services, etc. If the new location is further from these services, it creates more expense to bring in these services.

  3. Couldn't the reconstruction be done, one portion at a time near the existing buildings? Then demolish a part of the existing structure and move its occupants to the new section. Isn't it also possible to remodel portions of the existing structures, instead of rebuilding it?

  4. The estimated $600 million cost to taxpayers to relocate the prison could be much better spent in doing item 3 above. And I wonder if it would cost that much to leave the prison where it is.

Since the taxpayers will pay for whatever option is chosen, we should have something to say about this decision. How about putting it on the ballot?


Dennis B. Jensen

Heber City