From: Water News
To: Val Hale,
Subject: SB35 will require Myton City to get permission from the Federal Government to transfer Myton City water
Date: Tue Mar 03 20:04:41 MST 2015
Utah would most likely have 18,000 more tourist jobs and $1 Billion in economy improvement if not for the ill effects of Utah's Water Cartel.

The back story to SB35 (Federalizes Utah's Stored Water ) and HB25 (Grants Judicial powers to the Executive Branch, Federalizes Senior Water Rights).

The Federal Government is the "owner of record" to 75% of Utah's stored water.  Utah is the person entitled to the use of water currently with 73-3-3 transfer rights.  After SB35, no transfer without federal approval.  

Myton City's water is federal contract water.  After SB35 little Myton City will have to knock on the big federal door for permission to transfer water.

HB25 will have the effect of canceling senior private water rights which then go to the federal government the junior water right owner.

SLC wants SB35 to take water from 25 water companies with exchange contracts in the Salt Lake Valley.  Take private property by changing 112 year old water regulations.  $100 million gift to SLC.

The State Engineer wants power to stop transfers of water based on beneficial use.  Sounds pleasant enough.  Why not?  Well, water that does not transfer basically is forfeited.  The old place of use can't use it.  The new place of use can't get the water.   So the water not transferred most likely private senior water rights simply goes to the junior water right owners who is the Federal government.

SB35 is poor water policy, but supported by the State Engineer as a quid pro quo for SLC's support his poor water policy HB25.

SB35 and HB25 are poor water policies not good for Utah, private property, home prices, or jobs.

This is another example of poor state water policy resulting from Utah's Water Cartel unchecked raw power.

No voter supports federalizing Utah's water.  Why are State employees promoting the federalizing Utah's water? 

Let's audit Utah's Water Cartel from top to bottom, stem to stern, in and out.  Water is Utah's future. We must have better water data to make better water policy.  An audit is the first step. 

Who are the water cartel members?  

What are the cartel members doing doing? 

What legislation have they promoted in the past 20 years?  What are the effects? 

How many layers down does the cartel go?  What water cartel employees sit on what water boards, public water board, water task force?

Who are their lawyers, engineers, and lobbyists?

Thank you for your consideration of some western values for a better Utah.


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