From: Susan Jan Haug
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: State School Board
Date: Mon Mar 02 02:51:14 MST 2015

Dear Sirs,


I understand that a variety of bills are currently being discussed that would change the way members of the State School Board are chosen.  Currently, the process is non-partisan and involves an approach that has functioned effectively for some time.  I would be reluctant to change to any procedure that adds a partisan component to this process.  The key qualification for any school board should be a familiarly with the educational environment and a willingness to work, in a collaborative way, with educators, parents, students, and related government entities.  The goal is to maximize the value of Utah’s educational resources to the students and communities where they are deployed.  A non-partisan approach is more likely to encourage this commitment to collaboration than is a partisan process.



S Jan Haug