From: Nancy Evenson, AIA
To: Jacob Anderegg, Kay Christofferson, Bradley Daw, Francis Gibson, Keith Grover, Mike Kennedy, David Lifferth, Michael McKell, Val Peterson, Keven John Stratton, Marc Roberts, Dean Sanpei, nthurston,
Subject: Replace Greg Hughes
Date: Sat Feb 28 12:20:36 MST 2015

Greg (the Great) Hughes thinks he can stiff the legislature, his party, and the people of Utah by single-handedly killing “Healthy Utah” instead of respecting the legislative process.

However, the Speaker of the House is elected by the legislature.  Does the GOP have the guts to replace Greg Hughes?


Nancy Evenson



Nancy Evenson, AIA

711 E 3100 N

Provo, UT  84604