From: Ron Nielsen
Subject: vote YES SB 104
Date: Fri Feb 27 05:34:48 MST 2015
Thank you!  Thank you for all your dedication and service to our beautiful state of Utah.  I so appreciate you.   
Please VOTE YES on SB 104.
It has been already stated that the current system is broken.  My concern is that the UEA, USBA and other educator organizations are dominating the election of the people on school boards.   I have been told that they have sent out letters to educators before an election, requesting that they vote a certain way and support what they recommend.  A little scarry.
Partisan elections are a lower cost to run for office.  That is a given.  Please remember that partisan elections are constitutional.  That the candidate selection committee turned down some possible candidates when they responded they were not supportive of Common Core.  That means that anyone against Common Core will never be recommended as delegates for Gov Herbert to select to the ballot.  Do you think that is fair????   I hope it bothers you as much as it bothers me.  Partisan elections will not do that.  I as a voter will have a choice and can vote my choice, not the governor.
Thank you again.
God Bless America!
Ruby Nielsen
Sandy, Utah