From: Jason Smith
To: Greg Hughes, Eric Hutchings, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Carol Moss, mnoel, Marie Poulson, LaVar Christensen, Kim Coleman, Steve Eliason, Justin Fawson, Lowry Snow, Brad Last, Francis Gibson,
Subject: Please sign Substitute 1 SB204!
Date: Thu Feb 26 22:46:26 MST 2015

House Education Committee:

I'm writing to ask you to support the Substitute 1 SB204 which is the Parent's Rights Bill.  I appreciate you passing the bill that was put into law last year protecting a parent's right to withdraw their student from school and also opt their students out of the standardized testing. This year that bill has been amended to include more specifics about a parent's right to opt out and defines what a school's response should be. 

This bill is very important for protecting parent's rights in Utah. Please support and vote for this amended version.

Thank You,

Jason Smith
Concerned parent and voter

Jason Smith