From: Kris Kimball
To: Kris Kimball,
Subject: Please support SB104, School Board Elections; we need transparency accountability and clarity in Education!
Date: Thu Feb 26 08:00:12 MST 2015

Dear House Education Committee Member,



Please support SB104. School Board Elections are the most important election on the ballot and yet they are the most obscure. With 65% of our State Budget going to education we can no longer afford to have our school board members elected because their name was listed first on the ballot, or they were the only ones supported financially by the “School Board Party”. The only party that currently controls the state and local school boards.


Taxpayers want to vet school board members in the same way you were vetted. We want transparency, accountability and clarity in education! Please vote to allow an equal playing field for everyone who wants to serve on state and local school boards. Vote yes on SB104.






Kris Kimball



"The one perfectly divine thing, the one glimpse of God's paradise given on earth,

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