From: Diane Brownlee
To: Justin Fawson, Brad Last, LaVar Christensen, Eric Hutchings, David Lifferth, Francis Gibson, Steve Eliason, Lowry Snow, Kim Coleman, Michael Noel, Greg Hughes, Daniel McCay,
Subject: Please vote yes on SB-104!
Date: Thu Feb 26 06:34:49 MST 2015
I apologize for writing to you at the very "last hour,"  yet I desire to urge you to vote yes on SB-104 and to promote its passage with all within your sphere of influence!

 It has long disturbed me that school board members appear to care very little about the opinions and values of those people whose lives they impact by their chosen votes!  I feel it abominable that school board members make decisions that directly affect the lives of families throughout their districts, without being duly elected.  The people of Utah deserve the right to elect delegates, vet candidates and make sure the  candidate(s) elected are those who will best promote the values and rights of those whose lives they impact through their votes.   

It is very much time for school board members to become known to the public before they take office and make life-changing decisions.  It is imperative that the people know what school board members stand for and who and what measures they will and will not support before they are given the power to vote away the rights of the people of Utah!.

I feel well represented to know that MY State Senator sponsored this bill, and I ask you to give it your full support.

Best of health and blessings to you and yours,

Diane Brownlee
865 South 1500 East
Pleasant Grove