From: Laureen Simper
Subject: YES ON SB 104
Date: Thu Feb 26 05:47:27 MST 2015
Dear Representative,

The biggest argument I hear against partisan school board elections is that education should not be political.

Too late.

If the USOE, State Board of Education, UEA, and PTA, are some of the biggest lobbying forces on Capitol Hill, it only makes sense for neighborhood delegates to do vetting of state board candidates so that voters know what they are getting.

In addition, the nominating process as it stands gives far too much power to the governor, which already makes the process extremely partisan. But the problem with the current system is that the board members do not feel a proper sense of accountability to parents - those whom the Utah State Constitution recognize as the primary decision makers in the education of children.

For this reason, I believe the best bill being considered by the legislature this session is Al Jackson's SB 104. It gets the governor's influence out of the State Board of Education, and opens that board up to the proper accountability to parents. Please vote yes on SB 104, and no to the others: HB 305, HJR 16, HB 297, HB 342, and HB 186.

Thank you.
Laureen Simper