From: Sharon Anderson
Subject: Why to vote NO on HJR 7 (and HJR 14 if it comes back)
Date: Thu Feb 26 05:30:38 MST 2015
PLEASE VOTE NO on ANY Resolution Calling for an Article V Convention. 

There are MANY problems with a convention (IE both HJR 7 and HJR 14).   

Consider the following:

  •     1) Washington doesn't follow the Constitution now.  Why would that magically change by passing a new amendment? 
  •     2) There are many risks that a Convention could be hijacked and an entirely new Constitution approved.  Do you know that some new constitutions have already been drafted? For example, HERE you can read the Constitution for the Newstates of America
  •     3) While a Balanced Budget Amendment sounds like a good idea, it would NOT necessarily require a cutback in unconstitutional spending.  Instead, the budget could be balanced by allowing increasing spending and then raising taxes to cover the expenditures. Furthermore, multiple loopholes allow for abandoning a balanced budget. 
  •     4) Which states actually demonstrate a commitment to sound fiscal policy by balancing their own state budgets?  Do they REALLY want a balanced budget when NO state could currently balance its budget without using federal funds (the very funds money most likely to be withdrawn if a Balanced Budget Amendment passes.)  Go to THIS ARTICLE to see how much each state relies on federal revenue.
  •      5)  Would delegates to a convention make more responsible decisions than a Republican-controlled Congress or the States who might select them?  Caution: Those who call a convention will not necessarily be the delegates.
  •      6)  Why are so many self-avowed Marxists and even Communist individuals and organizations promoting it so vigorously?  Do we really want to work with them to call a convention? What do they hope to gain?  Note: Even if a convention can be limited and turns out OK, the precedent will be set and next time they may get what they want.
  •      7)   If you are a legislator, you swore to ". . .support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this State."   Since experts disagree and you cannot personally guarantee a positive outcome, how can you keep your oath of office to defend the Constitution and at the same time put the U S Constitution in potential danger?
  •     8)   If you support a convention which ultimately leads to the destruction of our Constitution and liberty, how will you explain that to your constituents and to your posterity? If you are going to err, please do so on the side of caution.