From: Patti Bateman
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Vote YES SB 104
Date: Thu Feb 26 05:19:39 MST 2015
It is time to change the way Utah selects State School Board members.  We have seen in the last few years how the State School Board is selected and the price Utah's children have paid for this process.  When the Governor and the Utah State School Board ignore the wishes of their constituents and hoist something as detrimental as Common Core on the entire state, without approval, input, or piloting, and without knowing what was involved in the adoption of such a program, they have overstep their boundries and should be held accountable for those choices.  But the way they are selected gives "We The People" no recourse!  AND no voice!  

Please vote to give Utah's citizens a voice in who sits on the state school board.

Thank you,

Patti Bateman
193 E 1100 N
Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062